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    A bucket list destination for rallies

    Spring time in Japan is magical.
    Start an extraordinary voyage with the Japan Classic rally, a captivating expedition that will transport you through the heart and soul of this ancient and captivating land.
    From the modern marvels of Kobe to the snow-capped wonders of Niseko, every moment of this journey is a celebration of Japan's rich history, culture, and natural beauty.

    Our adventure begins in Kobe, a city where tradition and innovation harmoniously coexist.
    As we set out, the road will lead us to Kyoto, where centuries-old temples, serene gardens, and the elegance of geisha culture await our discovery.
    Nara's ancient temples and the iconic Great Buddha will leave us in awe of Japan's deep-rooted spirituality.

    Next, the path takes us to Shigaraki, a lesser-known gem where traditional craftsmanship and scenic landscapes converge. Discover the National Treasure Castle of Hikone.

    Kanazawa's samurai districts and Kenrokuen Garden paint a vivid picture of Japan's feudal past.
    Matsumoto's imposing castle and the majestic Japanese Alps provide a backdrop of grandeur and natural beauty.

    Niigata's coastal charm and sake culture unfold before we venture to Zao, where the mystical Snow Monsters cast an otherworldly spell in winter.
    Tsuruoka's spiritual energy and the tranquil beauty of Mount Haguro offer a serene pause in our journey.

    Morioka's blend of modernity and tradition paved the way to Lake Towada, a pristine caldera lake surrounded by forests.
    Hakodate's captivating mix of Western and Japanese influences invites exploration, while Furano's lavender fields and natural splendour add a touch of romance.

    Kushiro's unspoiled wetlands and the dramatic landscapes of Shiretoko reveal the wild heart of Japan.
    Lake Akan's mythical beauty and Daisetsuzan's rugged peaks showcase nature's masterpiece. Finally, we arrive in Otaru, a port town with a nostalgic ambiance that captures the essence of our journey.

    From Kobe's bustling streets to Niseko's snow-covered landscapes, the Japan Classic rally is more than a drive; it's an immersion into the soul of Japan.
    Join us as we traverse through time and culture, unveiling the stories of a nation woven into its cities, towns, and natural wonders.
    The Japan Classic rally promises an unforgettable experience, where each mile is a step deeper into the heart of this captivating country.





    km / Miles






    • Total days

      24 days

    • Rally dates

      May 7 - May 30, 2025

    • Rally distance

      3.650 km

    • Start

      Kobe, Honshu

    • End

      Niseko, Hokkaïdo

    • Road conditions

      Good roads – Amazing scenery guaranteed!

    • Car shipping dates

      March 2025

    • Number of cars


    • Car style

      Pre-war, vintage, classic cars until 1980

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