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  • Superb itineraries proposed by a dedicated and passionate team

    We pride ourselves in offering the best and most efficient service on the road before during and after the rally. We offer the knowledge of the places you visit and we do it in style.

    We carefully choose the most scenic roads away from the crowds. We ask permission to the local government for some roads or area that might be closed to the general public or to the foreigners.

    The history of Destination Rally

    Born on the initiative of 2 individuals, one passionate about classic cars and one inspired by travel with a love for one of Southeast Asia’s most secretive countries, Myanmar, this ambitious project of organizing the first classic car rally in Myanmar (Burma) was on its wheels. It was not going to be easy to set up this historic event in a country that was for a long time closed to the outside world. Set for October 2013, it took a lot of effort and administration hurdles to finally announce the departure of the First ever vintage car rally in Myanmar on 25 October, with 9 cars ready on the departure line ! It turned out to be a fantastic success for the participants and a treat for the locals who had not seen foreigners, nor vintage cars before. This historic event was made possible because of the hard work of the Belgian team, but also the local Burmese team at Inspiration Myanmar – Rally Logistics and the help of the Myanmar Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who supported the project from its inception. Since then, Destination Rally has operated more than 12 rallies on 6 continents.

    Meet with the team

    Destination Rally would not exist if it was not for its team of experts and dedicated individuals. Passion is what drives us all! We are proud to introduce the team here below, not forgetting our local team in Myanmar and in other countries who contribute to the success of the whole event from the conception to the return of the cars in the home harbour.

    Bruno Leunen

    Rally Director

    “Passion for the organization of vintage cars rallies is my everyday drive…”.
    After 30 years of Corporate Travel and Incentives, discovering the World, and making friends around the planet, Bruno organized the first vintage car rally in Myanmar in 2013. The success was immediate and a second one happened in 2015. Dedicated to organizing the best discovery rallies throughout the world, his passion for road travel is taking him across the continents, finding the best and most scenic roads and making fantastic driving memories. While working he puts together a “responsible” rally by helping the local people with special projects for community development.

    Eric Geukenne


    Owner himself of 3 old-timers, his nickname is “Mc Gyver”.. as he can fix everything with anything.. Having lived in Africa, Eric developed his creativity in problem-solving.
    As a logistic director for a multinational company, he travelled the world which has given him an edge on global politics and International logistics.
    Friendly and efficient, Eric has a passion for mechanic and old cars. Top it up with a love for travel.. you have the best-qualified Logistics manager to run a rally.

    Odile De Roocker

    Operations Manager

    Odile has been with the team for years and is probably the most detailed and efficient person on the ground as the leading car on the rally. She worked for more than 30 years in travel logistics and Incentives for the Corporate world. She also travelled the world with demanding groups and can handle almost every request. A great person to have around.

    Guy Bergiers

    Emergency Medical Assistance

    More than an Emergency doctor, Guy created specialized Emergency procedures, More than our Emergency Doctor, Guy is an anesthetist-Resuscitation specialist, he is a fun person to be around and will not hesitate to set up a “Rally Emergency Response” together that benefits all the participants in our rallies. He was the Chief Medical Officer of the insurance company Allianz, and therefore has a worldwide medical network of contacts. As the owner of classic cars, he is passionate in rallies and a great addition to the family.

    Paul Marsh


    Paul has a passion for exploring life through overland travel. He has traversed every continent north to south and east to west under varied and extreme conditions.
    This experience of over 30 years together with his background in automotive engineering led him to build an expedition company in South Africa.
    He has natural problem solving abilities which has enabled him to successfully lead expeditions around the world. His love for classic car rallies, where he has worked as technical support for over 20 rallies globally, means he brings calm in a crisis and always solves the problem – rest assured!

    Jo Marsh


    Jo has been a transformation specialist in corporates and managed events all around the world for over 30 years. She is a natural adventurer at heart and due to her love for people and travel, she has a passion for exploring new countries and cultures. She embraces life wholeheartedly and fearlessly and has a can-do attitude to everything she faces. She is Odile’s wing girl and brings enthusiasm to the team and participants. Because of her work and who she is, she operates with a clear vision and natural organisational abilities, always delivering it with a touch of lightness, compassion and fun!

    Sylvain Rosman


    Young classic car enthusiast and old-timer mechanic. I learned mechanics in a famous classic car garage in Brussels Belgium. I’ve also been working for a few years with a UK racing team on events like Goodwood, Monaco historic, Spa,…
    Traveling and classic cars are 2 of my passions and I couldn’t imagine a better way to combine that than working with Destination Rally.

    Sandra Grana

    Operations Assistant

    Sandra is a truly European citizen. Born and raised in the German speaking part of Switzerland, from Italian parents, she has been living in Spain since 1990 dedicating her professional life to the organisation of corporate events, meetings and incentives. She speaks five languages and absolutely loves travelling the world to meet interesting people and new cultures.
    Joining us in 2018 for the Indochina rally, her organizational know-how and positive energy makes the perfect blend for our rally adventures around the world.

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