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    Which cars or motorcycles are eligible for the rallies ?

    We accept Pre-wars, Vintage and Classic cars older than 1980. We also accept vintage motorcycles upon request. Any other vehicles please contact our office. On some of our Adventure rallies, we do accept a limited number of 4X4 on the condition that they carry some spare parts or a pieces of luggage from some of the smaller Classic cars.

    Do you have different types of rallies ?

    We do have 2 categories of rallies: Discovery & Adventure
    Although our rallies are made for everyone to enjoy we have 2 distinctive types according to the difficulty of the road or environment.
    Discovery rallies are made for every type of vehicles. These rallies are mainly on tar roads with the occasional section of dirt.
    Adventure rallies are made for seasoned drivers as the road might be more difficult with more dirt or bad road sections. Cars must be well prepared for these roads. Examples are the East Himalaya or the Trans-Africa rallies which are longer rallies, some roads are difficult and cars must really be prepared for the type of roads that can be dusty, with potholes, corrugated or very busy at times with tuk-tuks, bicycles very narrow roads .

    Do you travel with mechanical and medical assistance?

    We do travel on all our rallies with 1 to 3 mechanics depending on the amount of participants. They are professionals with years of experience in worldwide rallies. We also travel with an Emergency Doctor and medical equipment, ready to give first aid on the road.

    Do your rallies include a luggage van or truck ?

    We will have a luggage vehicle on all our Discovery rallies. For Adventure rallies, we don’t, and participants must carry their own luggage and spare parts, although we have normally a few 4X4 that will help with some items.

    How do we send our cars to the start country of the rally ?

    The shipping of your car is not included in the cost of the rally, since we have participants coming from every parts of the world. However, we can help you in finding the best way to ship your car to the rally destination and direct you to the most reputable companies. Some countries work with Carnet de Passage or CDP in order to temporary import the car in the country. The Carnet is available with your local Automobile club or with ADAC in Germany.

    Are we covered by an insurance during the rally ?

    You must contract a Full Comprehensive car insurance for the rally before departing, either with your own insurer or we can help you find a broker that might give you the needed insurance. Destination Rally will take care of the car Third Party insurance locally and we also cover you with a special Evacuation Insurance.

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