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    We are proud to organise “discovery” rallies that give participants time to enjoy the wonderful landscapes, the culture of the country and to interact with the locals while driving their old car. We carefully choose the most picturesque routes away from the crowds and work with the local government to visit places that may not be permitted to regular foreigners.

    We pride ourselves on offering the best, most efficient and safest service on the road, before and after the rally. We offer knowledge of the places we visit and we do it in style.

    Past rallies

    Past Rally

    Sri Lanka Classic 2023

    1 country

    1.750 km

    14 days

    Jan 16 – Jan 30, 2023

    We picked up the most scenic routes across the country, along paddy fields, mango groves and forest and along the coast.

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    Past Rally

    East Himalaya 2022

    3 countries

    3.358 km

    24 days

    Oct 20 – Nov 12, 2022

    Starting in Calcutta, the rally will take you North to the former kingdom of Sikkim driving through the tea plantations of Darjeeling, before heading to Bhutan, the land of Happiness.

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    Past Rally

    Trans-Iberica 2021

    2 countries

    1.889 km

    9 days

    Sep 26 – Oct 4, 2021

    Trans-Iberica is an amazing classic car rally across the Iberian Peninsula which takes through passes and secondary country roads that are seldom used.

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    Past Rally

    Mekong Road Classic 2019

    4 countries

    5.229 km

    23 days

    Sep 30 – Oct 22, 2019

    The Mekong Road Classic will take you through some of the most fascinating sightseeing in the world.

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    Past Rally

    Indochina Road Classic 2018

    3 countries

    4.700 km

    22 days

    Oct 26 – Nov 15, 2018

    The term Indochina refers to the intermingling of Indian and Chinese in uences in the culture of the region. Real independence did not come to the region until after the Geneva Conference of 1954.

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    Past Rally

    Chile Argentina Road Classic 2017

    2 countries

    3.800 km

    16 days

    Sep 28 – Oct 13, 2017

    When driving in South America, you will find some of the most amazing drives right here in Northern Chile and Argentina… When it comes to natural beauty there is a certain cocktail of ingredients that definitely makes these countries stand out !

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