If you missed this year’s fabulous Indochina rally, you definitely shouldn’t miss next year’s grand journey through the heart of the Chinese Yunnan province, Northern Laos and Vietnam.
Discover the old Chinese traditions and villages surviving among the frantic developments of the Chinese government.

A start in Danang Vietnam, the rally will pass the Imperial city of Hue before driving through the hills and mountains on the Laos border and all the way to Luang Prabang.
Crossing border in the southern part of Yunnan, the journey will take you through the tea plantations and romantic old towns along the mighty Mekong river.

Climbing up to Shangri-La at 3.200 meters to see the fabulous temple, before driving South to the White terraces and the Tiger Leap gorge before reaching the old medieval town of Lijang.
On our way back into Vietnam, you will pass through the most amazing Unesco world Heritage rice terraces, before reaching Sapa and Hanoi.

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