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Vietnam to Myanmar

Beginning 2018, Destination Rally was appointed by the Global Rally (UK) to organize their rally throughout South East Asia.
On March 13th, after 38 days and 8.960 Km on the roads through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, all cars made it to the end in Halong Bay, Vietnam.
Global Rally participants came with cars ready to attack any terrain along the way and so journey began…

The road through the Cardamom mountains of Cambodia was tough to say the least. Our local agent of Asia Rally Logistics had to survey the road a few days before and fix some of the old wooden bridges.
Driving through all kinds of terrain including a lot of road constructions in Myanmar, bad road sections in Laos, steep dirt roads in Northern Vietnam made this journey a real adventure, creating unforgettable memories. The rally opened up new roads allowing for the discovery of colourful ethnic tribes in Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam.
It was also the first ever vintage car rally to pass through the Cardamon mountains, and the Northern Vietnamese route along the Chinese border!

Thank you to the Global Rally organizers for the trust in our organization and a memorable rally!

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