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Meet the team

Destination Rally would not exist if it was not for its team of experts and dedicated individuals. Passion is what drives us all! We are proud to introduce the team here below, not forgetting our local team in Myanmar and in other countries who contribute to the success of the whole event from the conception to the return of the cars in the home harbour.

An amazing team of experts and dedicated professionals!

Bruno Leunen

“Passion for the organization of vintage cars rallies is my everyday drive…”.
After 30 years of Corporate Travel and Incentives, discovering the World, and making  friends around the planet, Bruno organized the first vintage car rally in Myanmar in 2013. The success was immediate and a second one happened in 2015. Dedicated to organizing the best discovery rallies throughout the world, his passion for road travel is taking him across the continents, finding the best and most scenic roads and making fantastic driving memories. While working he puts together a “responsible” rally by helping the local people with special projects for community development.

Eric Geukenne

His nickname is “Mc Gyver”.. as he can fix everything with anything.. Having lived in Africa, Eric developed his creativity in problem-solving.
As a logistic director for a multinational company, he travelled the world which has given him an edge on global politics and International logistics.
Friendly and efficient, Eric has a passion for mechanic and old cars, owner himself of an old-timer. Top it up with a love for travel.. you have the best-qualified Logistics manager to run a rally.

Christian Stiennon

A specialized mechanic for the last 30 years, Christian has devoted his life to motors … His love for old cars goes back to his younger age and followed him through all his years with Volkswagen, Volvo and Mercedes. A 7 years stunt, in a private car museum got him all the experience you need to understand and fix old-timers. He will not let go a problem and will spend overnight on a car to make sure that the participant can join the rest of the rally, the next day…

DR. Luc Beaucourt

More than an Emergency doctor, Luc created specialized Emergency procedures, built the Fast Response team in Belgium for International Emergencies like earthquakes, cyclones, volcano eruptions and others. He travelled the world on missions, helping people in the worst situation. Decorated by our King with the Medal of Leopold for services rendered to the nation, he is a fun person to be around with and will not hesitate setting up a “Rally Emergency Response” together with AIG insurance that benefits all the participants in our rallies.

Luc Van Hoof

In an emergency situation, you need professionals. Luc is our man. A Commander of a fire Brigade in Belgium, he is also part of the Fast Response team and travelled in different parts of the world including the Philippines and Nepal. Working every day with fires but also road accident, Luc is an important part of our Emergency and Logistic team, always ready to give a hand to the mechanics if need be.  

Odile De Roocker
Operations Manager

Odile has been with the team for years and is probably the most detailed and efficient person on the ground as the leading car on the rally. She worked for more than 30 years in travel logistics and Incentives for the Corporate world. She also travelled the world with demanding groups and can handle almost every request. A great person to have around.

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