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Organizing and logistics service

Destination Rally is a rally logistics company with contacts around the world. Being part of Destination Unlimited, it has developed over 30 years of great knowledge on country development, cultural sites and off of the beaten track places, as well as the sense of organizing special creative events and incentives, all of which are the perfect ingredients to make a great rally!
In taking advantage of these organizational skills, we organize “à la carte” rallies for clubs and associations who have the participants but need a company to sort out the pure logistics of the rally! We cover the road search, road book, inspection trip, shipping, insurances, administration and all other aspects that will make a perfect road rally.
If your club or association is interested, do not hesitate to contact us!

Vietnam to Myanmar

The Asian Adventure Friendship Rally has been created in the spirit of previous Global Rally Organisation events. Destination Rally have been chosen to execute this rally in SE Asia.

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