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Born on the initiative of 2 individuals, one passionate about classic cars and one inspired by travel with a love for one of Southeast Asia’s most secretive countries, Myanmar, this ambitious project of organising the first classic car rally in Myanmar (Burma) was on its wheels. It was not going to be easy to set up this historic event in a country that was for a long time closed to the outside world. Set for October 2013, it took a lot of effort and administration hurdles to finally announce the departure of the First ever vintage car rally in Myanmar on 25 October, with 9 cars ready on the departure line !
It turned out to be a fantastic success for the participants and a treat for the locals who had not seen foreigners, nor vintage cars before. This historic event was made possible because of the hard work of the Belgian team, but also the local Burmese team at Inspiration Myanmar – Rally Logistics and the help of the Myanmar Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who supported the project from its inception. Since then, the 2nd Edition took place in 2015 and there are many projects in the pipeline.

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